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The world of fast-paced world of grand prix motorcycle racing has always been a sort of enticing since its launch in the late 40’s. To this day, the MotoGP has quite a massive following and is worth millions as an industry. Is there any wonder why it is an industry that continues to grow through the years?

There are loads of individuals that have made their mark in the world of motorcycle racing. There are still many more that aim to establish their names and teams. While there are glittering professionals, there are a lot more amateur groups that are still trying their hardest to find solid footing for all their moto racing projects. This is something that we aim to help with.

Welcome to IodaRacing! We are a firm that specializes in motorized parts and mechanical engineering. We are big fans of moto racing teams—both big and small. We started not too long ago but we are backed up with several generations’ worth of expertise and experience. It is our goal to provide a helpful hand to those that are aiming to make their MotoGP dreams come true.

We hope that you continue to join us in our mechanical journey!