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pexels photo 860379 - Useful ResourcesHello and welcome to IodaRacing! We are a motorcycle parts and maintenance service that is geared to serving your motorcycle and moto racing dreams. Beyond that, we aim to provide a stronger working knowledge on the issues and rich history that is commonly associated with MotoGP.

On our end, this means that we needed to scour different sources for useful information. These were quite troubling to accomplish through the years but thankfully, the internet became a truly reliable platform to find useful resources.  We found a couple of publications that turned into fairly reliable gateways to further knowledge. We would like to share them with you:

Motor Sport Magazine

Motor Sport Magazine is one of the premiere sources of information that you can find regarding motorized sports. They have frequent features about F1, MotoGP, and a lot of other mechanized marvels. A useful feature is that they have regular podcasts so you can always be sure that there will be something to sate your curiosity about motor sports.


Just like the previous resource, this publication focuses on motor sport. It’s got quite a history on it—established around the fifties in London. You may recognize the era as the same one where F1 officially launched as a competition. The age that they can really be proud of help give their audiences a comprehensive discussion about the journey that motorized sports has gone through.

We are always looking for other resources that can help us top up our knowledge and understanding of motorized sports. If you’ve got any, send them our way and we’ll be glad to check them out.